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BEAMO is the ultimate way to experience the world around you. Using Beacon technology to deliver a personalised shopping or browsing experience through contextually relevant and interactive content, video, music, info, deals, rewards and so much more delivered direct to your mobile device at just the right moment.

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What is Beamo?

A mobile beacon solution designed to bridge the gap between bricks and clicks businesses and their consumers. To help brands provide meaningful engagement and build personal relationships with fans and followers in an always-on self-service way.

How do beacons work
How do Beacons work?
Why choose beamo
Why choose Beamo?
benefit to retail
Benefit to retail?
benefit to brands
Benefit to brands?
  • How do Beacons work?

    A Beacon is a small piece of hardware powered by a battery that can be attached to almost anything. It’s an inconspicuous smart device that sends out a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that can be received and interpreted by an App installed on a smartphone that has Bluetooth switched on. This signal triggers a response on the phone whether the App is open or not and once the connection is made you will receive notifications or alerts that there is content or info available for you to view and interact with. Contextually relevant and only within range, when you walk away from the Beacon no signal can reach you and you won’t be spammed with unnecessary messages. They will however remember your personal preferences for next time you visit or interact with them.

  • Why choose Beamo?

    We’re South Africa’s leading full service Beacon strategy and technology partner. We’ve travelled the world and experimented with different options to bring you a best-in-class Beacon solution that’s perfectly suited to the SA market. We work with brands to establish a Beacon strategy, supply you with leading Beacon hardware, activate your account on our Beamo App, or integrate Beamo via an API with your own or 3rd party App, load your content and preferences into a cloud hosted content management system which also allows us to remotely manage your Beacons - including cool features like power down at night to save battery life - and deliver the realtime insights back to you.

    Download the BEAMO App from the App Store or on Google play, turn on Bluetooth and together with our Beacons get rich and relevant content delivered direct to your mobile device.

  • Benefit to retail?

    Beacons are the envisioned future of retail providing analytics, loyalty and customer service. BEAMO provides the ultimate in location services, immediate reward, an enhanced and personalised shopping experience with valuable consumer data and insights back to the store or brand owner. It is a cost-effective and highly reliable solution to engage directly with a consumer using intelligent wireless connections that are personal, private and just-in-time. Retailers can use BEAMO to get more feet in-store, understand and reward loyal customers, increase basket size, provide customised service, offer promotions, vouchers and one-time deals. Or they can be used by in-store operations to check deliveries, stock levels, monitor staff activity and supply chain processes. The cost savings from money spent on traditional campaigns and mass large format printing is another benefit, but it’s the data gathered from the BEAMO Beacons like shopper behaviour, product preferences, promotions uptake, content engagement, store flow, and personal buying habits that could prove revolutionary for any retailer.

    In the USA Retail Sales Influenced by Beacon-Triggered Messages is set to increase from $4.1 in 2015 to $44.4 in 2016. Source: BI Intelligence.

    We estimate that 85 of the top 100 Retailers in the USA will use Beacons by 2016 Source: BI Intelligence

  • Benefit to brands?

    We hear a lot about the Internet of Things, Omni-channel marketing and for the most part up until now brands have used Beacons simply to send messages like special offers. Beacon technology has the potential to fundamentally shift how brands intersect the online and bricks-and-mortar customer experience with the digital mobile experience. Building off an already complex content marketing strategy for digital media, the ability to target customers individually based on interests, preference, intent and physical location and convert this insight into buyer intent and immediate revenue upside will have a profound positive impact on these forward-thinking brands. Creating a positive brand experience that will have knock-on effects in attracting new fans and brand advocates. Beacons are here in SA, they affordable, simple to implement and easy to scale. Beacons are being used in restaurants, events, retail areas, sports stadiums, museums, airports and homes. The best news for brands is the fact that Beacons are an opt-in solution establishing a trust relationship between brand and consumer.

    Of the consumers that received a push notification to their smartphone in the past 6 months, 79% made at least one purchase as a direct result.

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Pricing Structure

Deliver timely, actionable content to users when they're in-store driving daily active usage and loyalty.


5 Beacons 

R2 000 setup cost

R1 650pm



12 Beacons

R5 000 setup cost

R3 000pm



25 Beacons

R10 000 setup cost

R5 900pm



50 Beacons

R20 000 setup cost

R11 000pm


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